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Activities / Countryside Cycling Code

Wherever you are cycling, make sure you are familiar with the good cycling code.

On all routes...

  • Always cycle with respect for others, whether other cyclists, pedestrians, people in wheelchairs, horse-riders or drivers, and acknowledge those who give way to you.

On shared paths...

  • Fit a bell and use it, donít surprise people
  • Please give way to pedestrians, leaving them plenty of room
  • Keep to your side of the dividing line
  • Be prepared to slow down or stop if necessary
  • Donít expect to cycle at high speeds
  • Be careful at junctions, bends and entrances
  • Remember that many people are hard of hearing or visually impaired. Donít assume they can see or hear you
  • Give way where there are wheelchair users and horse riders

On public roads...

  • Always follow the Highway Code
  • Affix cycle lights and use them in poor visibility
  • Keep your bike road worthy
  • Be seen - most cycle accidents happen at junctions
  • Donít cycle on pavements except where designated; pavements are for pedestrians
  • Use your bell, not all pedestrians can see you

And in the countryside...

  • Follow the Country Code
  • Respect other land management activities such as farming or forestry
  • Take litter home
  • Keep erosion to a minimum if off-road
  • Cycle within your capabilities
  • Match your speed to the surface and your skills
  • Be self sufficient - carry food, bike repair kit, map and waterproofs in remote areas




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