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Activities / Cycling in Derbyshire

From its invention in 1817 through to present day, the bicycle has had a huge impact on world history.

Derbyshire offers a lot

Cycling is very popular with all age groups, especially around Derbyshire and it is easy to understand why with the amazing scenery and variation of cycle routes that Derbyshire has to offer.

Fresh breeze

When youíre cycling down the various country paths there is nothing quite like the feeling of the fresh breeze rushing past and the sun beaming down on you, followed by a pit stop at one of the beautiful country pubs Derbyshire has to offer.


Every time you go cycling there is always something different and new to see around Derbyshire. There are several cycle hire clubs listed on Visit Derbyshire that are scattered around the Derbyshire country side. When you are cycling around Derbyshire you have the freedom to explore miles and miles of superb scenery along the various cycle routes. Why not cycle up the river Derwent towards the Peak District and stop of at the glorious Chatsworth House.

Great value

Another reason why you will love taking the family cycling in Derbyshire is the great value for money it offers. You can hire a bike for the day for as little as £15. While cycling around Derbyshire why not stop off at one of the many various places to visit, such as historical monuments, stately homes or visitor centres

Bike Hire

When hiring a bike it is essential you have all the right equipment like a cycle helmet, first aid kit and puncture repair kit. Many of the cycle hire shops will provide these but please check first to avoid being caught short.

Most cycle hire shops will provide various other equipment, so cycling in Derbyshire is perfect for all the family.

Baby seats

Child buggies

Trailer bikes



Hand-cranked tricycles

Wheelchair cycles

Powered mobility scooters

Safety Tips

While cycling is very fun there are various precautions that need to be taken.

Be prepared for uneven and loose surfaces

Donít cycle too close to other cyclists

Beware of vehicles on roads

Cycling too fast can be dangerous

Always wear a helmet

Use your bell or give a warning when approaching others

Also by behaving responsibly you can help to minimise your impact and protect the natural and cultural heritage of this magnificent county. To find out how read about the countryside code.

Give it a try

The best way to find out about cycling in Derbyshire is to try it. Cycle hire cost next to nothing for the day, it's relaxing, healthy and superb for the whole family. It's literally the most down-to-earth day out in Derbyshire.




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