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Accommodation / Camping in Derbyshire

Types of Tents

Hoop tents
These combine the features of the ridge and dome tents in a single design. They are strong and offer plenty of room inside. The hoop tent is favored by the backpacker because of its lightweight, size and strength.

Frame tents
These have the best all round headroom and living space. They offer separate sleeping compartments, kitchen and living area. The frame is generally constructed of tubular steel.

Dome tents
These are very simple to erect using lightweight flexible poles that thread through a sleeve in the tent fabric. The poles are usually made form fibre-glass or alloy. This type of tent is a great choice for the backpacker and can range from a 1 berth up to family sized.

Geodesic tents
These are very similar to the dome tents, except that they have a different pole configuration. The flexible poles cross at different levels and hold the fabric taut and because of this are better suited than other tents in windy conditions.

Touring tents
These have an extended ridge and dome and a good size porch area for shade, shelter or cooking; some even have windows. The poles are of tubular steel, alloy or fibre-glass.

This is a term that applies to tents with sleeping compartments on either side of a living area. The basic tent can be either ridge or dome style. Most are made in lightweight nylon or polyester.

Ridge tents
These are triangular in shape with a horizontal pole supported by two vertical end poles. These tents are very sturdy with plenty of headroom; however, the sides are unsupported so it is advisable that these tents are pitched end on to the wind, by the guy ropes.

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For information on camp sites in Derbyshire use the 'Accommodation' tab at the top of the page, or for more information on camping go to 'The Facts About Camping'




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