About Eyam

Welcome to Eyam, a picturesque village nestled in Derbyshire's Peak District, where history and natural beauty harmonize. In 1665, Eyam confronted the devastating plague, yet its residents valiantly chose to quarantine, safeguarding neighboring communities.

Today, Eyam's resilience echoes through its historic landmarks, such as St. Lawrence's Church and Eyam Hall, preserving tales of bravery. Delve into the village's past at the Eyam Museum for deeper insights. Beyond its historical significance, Eyam thrives as a vibrant community, offering warm hospitality in its tearooms, pubs, and artisanal shops.

Surrounded by the rugged splendor of the Peak District, Eyam invites exploration. Whether traversing its hiking trails or leisurely strolling through its serene countryside, every moment spent in Eyam promises an unforgettable encounter with resilience and natural splendor

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