The Countryside Code

Helping tourism & community work together

Derbyshire is beautiful, dramatic and 'wild' BUT it is also a living and working landscape with fragile and vulnerable inhabitants. By observing the Countryside Code and behaving responsibly you can help to minimise your impact and protect the natural and cultural heritage of this magnificent county. 

The Countryside Code ensures that the countryside remains a pleasant and safe place for everyone to visit.

  • Keep to public paths through farmland to minimise crop damage and avoid ‘short-cuts’ on steep terrain to prevent soil erosion and damage to the natural vegetation

  • Litter is an eye-sore, harmful to farm animals, wildlife and the water supply - leave no waste and take all your rubbish home

  • Protect wildlife, plants and trees

  • Respect ancient monuments, buildings and sites of religious importance - do not vandalise or cause graffiti

  • Avoid damaging crops, walls, fences and farm equipment and fasten all gates

  • Do not collect wildflowers, bird's eggs or historical artefacts for your own personal souvenirs.

  • Avoid pollution of water supplies

  • Guard against all risk of fire from matches, cigarettes, cooking stoves and campfires

  • Keep dogs under careful control, especially when near to sheep at lambing-time and avoid dog-fouling in public places

  • Respect the peace, solitude and tranquillity of Deryshire for others to enjoy - keep noise to a minimum

  • The landscape can be spectacular but dangerous - take particular care along hilltops and slippery paths

  • Stay away from working areas on the moors and hills during the shooting season and lambing season and respect other locally imposed access restrictions

  • Report any damage or environmental concerns to the landowner or the nearest Tourist Information Centre

  • Be adequately prepared when you walk in the hills - check the weather forecast, carry warm, waterproof and hi-visibilty clothing, adequate food and water supplies and know how to use a map and compass.

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